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RON SPEAKS - Updated 1/26

1/26/21   $50,000 for everything!   $20,000 for the instruction file

   We are actively searching for a person who wants to buy all our inventory, The Mystery Emporium website and administrative software, all the shelves and showcases.   There are thousands of items!   We have several photographs to any interested persons who is serious & has access to the money!  What is posted on the site is not all the inventory we have.  It's impossible to post all the hundreds of book, silks, catalogs, apparatus & misc items we have in stock.

CASH ONLY purchase!   Interested parties only with funds!

Over 100,000 instruction sheets of about every piece of magic ever made. Thousands filed by mfg./co., Thousands filed alphabetically & Thousands in boxes never filed!   A goldmine of knowledge & power!   You can sell instructions and make money everyday.   We used to sell instruction sheets for $3.00 each and many effects had more than one sheet.  We would average $300-400 every week with instruction requests.  $20,000


11/30  5:00 pm

I've added a new category to the COLLECTION LIST.     "Close-Out Bargains"
 order these separate from any other items on the site as these items have no discount.   They are priced at rock bottom prices and the prices are firm!  Items will be added continuously!

11/23  6:00 pm

Check out our line of older posters. Many professionally framed and ready to hang.   Some are signed.  Truly a great selection & on sale for 35% off!

10/23  8:00 pm

We are buying Used Current Magic, Vintage, Scarce & Rare Magic....One Piece or entire Collections and Estates.   Also Old Toys, Vent Dolls & More.  Always paying top dollar price in CASH and will travel to you to pay you, pack and pick up.   Est.1975....45 years of great magic finds and service you can count on!

 9/27  6:30 pm

It's absolutely amazing that 2 out of 3 customers have no clue about how you get the automatic discount.   They use a charge card and then I have to credit and redo the entire purchase.   On the check-out page it states in the home page  "put the 25 for credit cards or 35 for cks & mo in the small discount box when checking out"   Many people simple don't read!   Others will write and say "what was the discount for?"   They have no clue that there is a discount on everything, clearly stated on the home page.  Now I know why teachers pull their hair out!  Perhaps I need to put a speech button on the home page so all can hear what to do??  Egads!!

 8/15 6:35 pm

Everyone needs the Milbourne Christopher Book   "Illustrated Magic" 
The orginal price when it came out was $14.95 in 1973.  You can buy it today for only $15.60 + postage.   That's a steal, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of me!   You better get one before they are all gone....Or I raise the price.   I'm crazy, I would do that!!    "I promise, you'll spend hours in the bathroom reading this fabulous thick, heavy book"

A SPECIAL NOTE:  Just for your information.....The Illustrated Magic by Milbourne Christopher was on the New York Times BEST selling list and was featured on many talk shows in the early 70's.   It remained on the list for a long time.

8/15 2:39 pm

 For all you Ebay'ers.....I have Milbourne Christopher's softcover books....New Old Stock by the box full!    50 Tricks w/a Thumb Tip dated 1976 and Magic At Your Fingertips dated 1947.  Also have George McAthy's Smart Tricks For Magicians & M.C.'s dated 1947.   If you want a quantity, let me quote you.  write me at: