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RON SPEAKS - Updated 9/11

9/11  7:00 pm

Just so you all know, The 1940's Abbott's Cups and The Illustrated Magic by Milbourne Christopher will only be priced with the current low prices until the end of September.  After that, they will go up to what they should have sold for in the first place.

A SPECIAL NOTE:  Just for your information.....The Illustrated Magic by Milbourne Christopher was on the New York Times BEST selling list and was featured on many talk shows in the early 70's.   It remained on the list for a long time.

9/8  3:30 pm

The best value for your money are books, catalogs & magazines (periodicals).   If you want to learn magic, study magic and become informed about every aspect of magic....You need to read Periodicals especially!  They make excellent bathroom reading material, except for the ring around your butt from sitting so long, you'll become very smart!!

9/5  4:00 pm

I have finally started to post the Magazines (Periodicals).  The early New Tops is a wonderful magazine, full of great columns, tricks and the older Abbott Magic ads, along with other dealer ads.  Don't pass 'em up!

8/21 6:00 pm

We have lots of very early Periodicals such as Tops/New Tops...MCA Magic Carpet...The Magic Magazine (Short lived)...Legerdemain...Pablular...Linking Rings....Mum....The Gen & others.   Stay tuned as they are compiled by years, they will be posted. 

8/21 5:30 pm

ATTENTION:  If you're reading this, you need to stop a second and look at the home page....$61.75 for 1940s Abbott/P&L Cups....Get your head off the next auction, you'll kick yourself really hard if you don't get a set of these cups before all the Ebay'ers buy them all and charge $100+ for them.  What is your problem, I'm giving them away!

8/20 1:05 pm

This early stuff being posted about daily will not last long at the ridiculously low prices listed.....Then take 35% off those price!   Are you waiting for them to come up on auction for 3 times the price I'm selling them for.  Some of the guys buying them, sell on Ebay or send out a flyer and sell them for more.   Check with me for stock, as I have several of some items that you could put on your Ebay store!  I'll work out something with you and I don't charge a fee to buy something, no 17% or 20%  unless you prefer to pay extra charges, just let me know!!

 8/15 6:35 pm

Everyone needs the Milbourne Christopher Book   "Illustrated Magic" 
The orginal price when it came out was $14.95 in 1973.  You can buy it today for only $15.60 + postage.   That's a steal, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of me!   You better get one before they are all gone....Or I raise the price.   I'm crazy, I would do that!!    "I promise, you'll spend hours in the bathroom reading this fabulous thick, heavy book"

 8/15 2:39 pm

For all you Ebay'ers.....I have Milbourne Christopher's softcover books....New Old Stock by the box full!    50 Tricks w/a Thumb Tip dated 1976 and Magic At Your Fingertips dated 1947.  Also have George McAthy's Smat Tricks For Magicians & M.C.'s dated 1947.   If you want a quantity, let me quote you.  write me at:  ron@themysteryemporium.com