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Bang Up Suprise  -  Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

Bang Up Suprise - Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

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An original piece of apparatus ca1940/50 from Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

All that you see in the picture is what you get.  This outfit is filled with props and suprises from the start to finish.   Chromed snake can with cloth snake, 2 silks, the devil box with the original spring flowers and silk dye tube and "nuts" metal sign that is found hanging on the back of some poor sole (this shows a little wear).  This also includes the original instructions (which has a small hole in the center) & the 2 Bingo Devices.

Snake flies out of the can, spring flowers come out of an empty box.  Lots going on in the presentation way too long to describe here!


CONDITION:  VF  (looks like it wasn't used)