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Blue Phantom  -  Early Owen
Blue Phantom  -  Early Owen
Blue Phantom  -  Early Owen

Blue Phantom - Early Owen

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The metal cover is placed over a stack of seven checkers, one blue & 6 yellow. The blue checker seems endowed with ghostly power as it jumps from the top of the stack to the middle or the bottom and bounces back again. All checkers are solid and separate. A most beautiful outfit originally designed by Carl Owen.

Early Owen, not the one they make now.  This one has the full Goddess stencil,which was made 60+ years ago.

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FN  (The tube has small areas all over the backside mostly, where apparently a persons ring put little chips and this person put little dabs of paint to cover it.  Now, you really can't see it from a really short distance, but up close on inspection, you can see the touch-up paint, it's a little off color.  The funny thing is that the touch-up areas are pretty smooth, so no real noticeable chips that were covered.   A few checkers have a few tiny chips of paint, nothing hardly noticeable.  The metal sleeve gimmick has some wear on the bottom, but again hardly noticed.  Overall, it's in FN condition, very collectible and presentable)