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Electronic Mental Wallet  -  Mark Mason/England

Electronic Mental Wallet - Mark Mason/England

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No longer made, works like Brand New and is Brand New.   This Lacks instructions, so I don't remember the name of the wallet but this is what it does.

Information:   Black leather coat-pocket wallet, closed measures 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" & about 1/2" thick.  inside is a zippered section with an open pocket on top.  The opposite side has 3 pockets.  The two outside pockets will hold a bridge size playing card.  The center will hold a business card or other card similar to a business card.  

Example effect:  You can use your business cards.  The spectator picks one of the business cards, signs it and puts it into any pocket in the wallet, closes it and holds it behind their back.  You turn around or continue facing away from them and tell them which pocket they put the card in...Top, middle or bottom.  Or once they put the signed card in the pocket, they insert 2 more of the business cards into the empty pockets.  You can tell them which pocket has the signed one, without turning around and never touching the wallet.  

You can use bridge playing cards.  Have two chosen.  the first spectator signs the card and puts it into the top or bottom pocket.  The second spectator signs their card and puts in into the remaining top or bottom pocket.  In the center pocket you can put two $50 bills and if you can't tell them each where they put their signed card, each gets $50.00.

HOW IT WORKS:  There is a 1 5/8 x 2 1/2 x 1/4" well made receiver that vibrates once for the top pocket, twice for the middle pocket and 3 times for the bottom pocket.  It uses a small round battery (included) that you can buy anywhere, it's like a Watch Battery.

Use your own business cards and bridge deck or whatever you decide to use the wallet for.  Billets, money, business cards or bridge cards?

No longer Available, Scarce!