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Hathaway Card in Balloon Deluxe  -  Sedghill/Chicago

Hathaway Card in Balloon Deluxe - Sedghill/Chicago

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ca. 1947. A signed chosen card appears inside a balloon on a small chrome stand when the balloon bursts. Gleaming metal prop in fitted hardwood Walnut case. Hallmarked w/both Hathaway and Sedghill Logos


Very nicely made and effective! This is easily one of the best card in balloon effects with any card chosen and appearing signed inside the balloon as it is popped.

A very small and exceedingly well made chrome stand, without loops, holds the balloon.  They lock tightly onto the card, and the spring load pops the balloon every time and delivers the card correctly right in place of the popping balloon.

Comes complete in the case with a deck, extra balloons, stand and gimmick.


CONDITION;   FN  (has some light wear)