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Jumbo Card Change Houlette   I
Jumbo Card Change Houlette   I

Jumbo Card Change Houlette I

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All wooden construction with a large hole in the center to never loose track of the card placed inside.  The upright is copper and the base wooden.

A jumbo Jack of Spades or any court card is placed into the empty Houlette, shown from the front and rear.  A Jumbo King of Hearts is vanished (by any method you choose) and when the card is removed from the Houlette, the Jack (or other court card)  has changed to the vanished King of Hearts.  The Houlette is otherwise empty. 

A nice utility prop to change one court card for another.  Approx. 16" high!

NOTE:  This lacks any instructions.    It does come with a BN jumbo red back Bicycle Deck to switch out any court card.