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Quadraplex  -  Glen David/Illusion Makers

Quadraplex - Glen David/Illusion Makers

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The original Quadraplex from 1983  Numbered 245

An amazing mentalism item from Glen David and Bob Dorian at Illusion Makers.

Effect: Quadraplex is a display stand and tray handcrafted from the finest exotic hardwoods, which displays 4 items freely selected by members of the audience. These items remain in full view at all times. The magician, without handling the selected items, then mentally divines them, much to the audiences amazement. By using dollar bills, playing cards, product names, tarot cards, company names, etc., Quadraplex can be used in close-up, stage work, reviews conventions, kid shows, and is a must for trade shows and promotions. As an added incentive, we have included a first-rate, original routine.

Quadraplex is easily handled by all and uses no complicated formulas, no stooges, no one-ahead principles, no signaling, and no slight-of-hand. We guarantee that the items selected are of a totally free choice.

Comes with the 2 original pages of instructions w/illustrations, a box of chalk, the stand and the beautiful tray.  An amazing mental effect that is seemingly impossible!  (other items are shown just for the picture & not included)