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The Skittle Riddle  -  Paul Fox/Earl Violet
The Skittle Riddle  -  Paul Fox/Earl Violet

The Skittle Riddle - Paul Fox/Earl Violet

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From an original idea by Harlen Tarbell, Faucett Ross persuaded Paul Fox to design his apparatus and Earl Violet of Kansas to construct it.   Not many of these were made and this is Very Rare to find an original set.

The Effect:  The penetration of solid thru solid.  Both a wand or stick and a silk passing thru a solid wooden skittle.  

This one personally owned by Danny Dew

All the apparatus is hand made.  Leather cylinder, leather skittle cover, solid wooden skittle, hollow metal skittle, stick & silk and wooden tray. 

This comes with personally typed instructions and routine by Danny Dew, along with the complete routine and patter copied from the "Magic with Faucett Ross", who performed this more than anyone else.  Very detailed from the handling & routine and complete patter act.

Very Rare


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