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2wenty1  -  JB Magic/Mark Mason

2wenty1 - JB Magic/Mark Mason

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One of JB's best ever selling tricks now has a dvd with extra handling and 4 bonus endings.
Explain that you went to the casino to play blackjack the other night. Show TWO cards they are the two black nines. Square up the cards and then re-spread them, the same TWO cards are now the two red tens.

The next sequence you really need to see to believe. Without any cover the 10 of diamonds visually turns into a black ace, this ace (no switch) is handed out to the spectator. The killer is you now turn the one remaining card face up it is a BLACK JACK this is casually tossed to the table.

Six changes from two cards. Precision made gimmick that does all the work. Easy to perform and easy to carry. The backs and fronts are shown on every change.  Easy to do, no sleights!

CODE:  BN   w/instr