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3-Ring Binder with 17 Lecture Notes (many signed)  (B)
3-Ring Binder with 17 Lecture Notes (many signed)  (B)

3-Ring Binder with 17 Lecture Notes (many signed) (B)

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Ron London 1975

An Evening With Dan Tong 1976  (Inscribed & Signed)

Peter Kersten 1977  (Inscribed & Signed)  29 pages

Danny's Bag, A Lecture For Some Change, 10 tricks 1978, 13 pages 41 photographs  (inscribed & Signed)

An Evening At The Magic Circle, Arthur J. Emerson Jr. 1978  (Inscribed & Signed) 21 pgs

The Second Evening At The Magic Castle, ArthurJ. Emerson Jr.  18 pgs

Flip-Ping My Top Secrets 1978  (Signed & Dated)  19 pgs

Versatile Topper The Clown 1979  (Inscribed, Signed & Dated)  11 pgs

On Stage, The Tom Ogden Lecture Number Two 1980  (Inscribed, Signed & Dated) 12 pg has cover

Cards, Coins & Balloons, Favorite Routines of Magic by Austinini  1981  (Inscribed, Dated & Signed)  25 pgs

EZ Stuff, A Lecture by Warren Stephens 1983 14 pages filled with great magic to make and wonderful illustrations.  Has Covers

The Close-Up Magic of Ray Mertz 1977, 14 pgs, covers

Robert Baxt, The Lecture (signed on the inside)  1999 19 pgs has covers

Striking Magic, David Williamson, 18 pgs

Assistance For Assistants, Sandra Gault 9 pgs

Khufu's Knoptics:  A Cup & Ball Routine by John A. Novak, 26 pgs, fully illusrated

Notes From The Summit, Gary Kurtz, June 1995, stiff covers, 1991 , 22 pgs, fully illustrated