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4 Compartment Half Dollar Coin Tray
4 Compartment Half Dollar Coin Tray

4 Compartment Half Dollar Coin Tray

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Looks homemade but it isn't, it's just very old and quite unique!  Made to look just like a regular piece of wood.

1/4 x 6 1/2 x 10 1/8"  plywood with just a dark stain finish.  You can paint it if you wish, but it looks quite natural.  This tray has 4 compartments on the bottom, controlled by a moving lever, it exposes an opening on each end, to allow 3 Half Dollars to be added to the coins on top of the tray.  You can then put the coins and added coins back on the tray and put the tray in your other hand and tip the tray to allow 3 more Half Dollars to be added to all the coin.

By flipping the lever over to the other side, it exposes yet 2 more openings, allow 3 Half Dollars to slide out into your hand and then tipped the other way, allow 3 more Half Dollars to slide into your hand.  

You can come up with whatever routine you wish as this holds a total of 12 Half Dollars under the thin tray.  You can invisibly produce coins from an empty try, etc.

Put whatever coins you wish inside.   This is very unique, the only Coin Tray we've seen of this type.


CONDITION:  VF    (Lacks Instructions)   No Halves Included!

Condition Abbreviations

BN - Brand New in Packaging    LN - Like New (no packaging)
VF - Very Fine (slight use or blemish)    FN - (some use/wear)
VG - Very Good (shows wear/use)    G - (lots of use/wear)