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A Hare Raising Experience Plus More  -  Goshman

A Hare Raising Experience Plus More - Goshman

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Two large (5.5 inches tall) sponge rabbits are shown to the audience. A volunteer selects one of the rabbits, which is placed into the volunteer's hand. The other rabbit is placed in the magician's pocket. After a pause and some funny business, the volunteer is asked to open her hand. Out pops two rabbits-the magician's rabbit jumped from his pocket to the volunteer's hand! Both of the large rabbits are then placed into the volunteer's hand, and after a pause she opens her hand and now the two large rabbits are joined by a bunch of baby bunnies!  Comes with instructions!

You also get a 6" Goshman sponge cross & some assorted red Goshman sponge balls