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American Flyer Trains and Gilbert Toys  -  RARE

American Flyer Trains and Gilbert Toys - RARE

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Original mailing envelope from A.C. Gilbert Co. with a postmark of Jul 23 1953.  and it's all intact with very little wear to the edges.  6 cents to mail

The Catalog....Wow!   It's bright and VF.  Dated 1952, it has 47 pages, all in color and the page size is 8 x 11" horizontal. 

This catalog has all the wonderful American Flyer Trains and accessories pictured,  It also has all the Erector sets in full display, the Pre-School toy Junior Erictor sets, Anchor Blocks sets, Erector-Brik Sets, Gilbert Microscope Sets, Chemistry Sets, fully displayed, Tool Chests, fully displayed, Puzzle sets fully displayed and of course....FIVE OF THE GREATEST MAGIC SETS opened and displayed..1 1/2 - 2 1/2 - 5A - 6 - 25 (the best set they made)