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Antique Production Bird Cage  -  MFG Unknown
Antique Production Bird Cage  -  MFG Unknown

Antique Production Bird Cage - MFG Unknown

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Cage is 8 x 7 x 7 1/2" pretty large.  All heavy metal construction with sliding bottom and contains a large replaced bird, which looks like it's also an early one.

The Box has been refinished professionally in a "Stoneware" pebble finish, that makes it very attractive and looks like an antique piece.

The Effect:   The box is opened and several silks, production items or a small animal is put inside, whatever!   The box is set on another table and after a few magic passes, the top is opened and the large solid bird cage is produced that entirely fills the inside of the box.  The other objects have changed to the cage.    Or....you can produce a large amount of silks or production items, or a live small rabbit or doves, etc., then produce the cage. 

This is a deluxe piece of early magic that surely is one of a kind.  A feature piece for any collection, especially if you collect cages!

RARE, One of a Kind!  It also has a door to replace the bird!

CONDITION:   Very Fine  (Lacks Instructions)