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Arrowhead Illusion  -  Abbott

Arrowhead Illusion - Abbott

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Abbott no longer makes this Illusionette as it's not listed in their inventory

Packs flat and has a big impact on the audience.  Real wooden arrows and a head chest that can be put together in front of the audience if you wish.  An audience member is invited up and their head is put into the chest and then it's filled with arrows going thru it from the sides, back and top.  the arrows go completely thru the chest.  The doors are opened and the chest is seen filled with arrows but no head  (no mirrors are used).   Close doors, remove the arrows and open the doors...Ta Da...The head is back unharmed.

NOTE:  The arrows come in a deluxe velvet material type bag with a drawstring top.  Very nice!

CONDITION:  LN  w/Abbott Instructions