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Balloon To Dove/Rabbit Cage

Balloon To Dove/Rabbit Cage

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Without a doubt, this is the best made Balloon to Dove that we've ever seen!   The construction and lacquer paint are Owen quality.  Built out of good grade wood, not cheap wood and screws are used in the construction.  The top handle is solid brass.
The paint is like glass!   Slide off the front panel, put a balloon inside the empty cage, slide the front panel in place.  Pick up the cage and...Wham!  The balloon breaks and the dove(s) or small rabbit appears visibly and instantly.

The front has a wire mesh, part of the sides have metal mesh and 3 holes on the top, 2 have metal mesh. 

We'll include some balloons to get you started, you supply the doves, rabbit, hamster, rat, mice, candy, spring flowers, or whatever you want to produce!

CONDITION:  LN  (Lacks Instructions)

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