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Bottled  -  Early Abbott Mfg. Co.

Bottled - Early Abbott Mfg. Co.

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Original Box and celluloid milk bottle fake top.  This lacks instructions.  From catalog # 13, an easy but very neat effect.

Show and have examined an empty glass milk bottle.  Your silk or foulard is placed over it and when taken away, a vanished silk is seen inside the bottle.  The silk then flies out and into your hand.

We will send two sets of silks for the vanish and production.  Just fold and tuck the silk attached to the thread inside the fake bottle top and hide in silk you are using to cover the bottle with.  Place on the fake top, push the silk inside the bottle and remove the cover silk...Ta da, the silk is in the bottle and when you pull off the top, hidden in  a palm position, the silk flies out into your hand....Cool huh!


CONDITION:  Celluloid bottle top fake has aged colored some, but like new with no damage.  Comes with 4 silks and original box with label