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Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

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P&L medium Passe Passe Set with red & silver tubes and copper, black painted with white tops and Imperial replacement labels.
CONDITION:  Bottles have been repainted lousy & still show wear.  The labels are replacement and we can't find the P&L Hallmark.  These lack instructions.

A set of brown painted metal nesting bottles. Total of 3.  Two of them have same labels and one has a different label.  You can replace all the labels if you wish.  CONDITION:  No chips and Very Fine.  These lack tubes and instructions.  Bottles are 9 1/2" high

Spun aluminum Martini & Rossi Liquor bottles, painted green with silver painted tops.  Bottles are 11 3/4" high and all nest within each other.  There are 4 bottles total.  CONDITION:  The labels have some wear, bottles are all Very Fine, no chips, little wear.  No tubes or instr