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Boy To Rabbit Illusion  -  Abbott/Chadwick
Boy To Rabbit Illusion  -  Abbott/Chadwick

Boy To Rabbit Illusion - Abbott/Chadwick

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The startling effect of this illusion is that the magician changes a boy, from the audience, into a rabbit! Imagine the publicity that you can get from this illusion! The outfit consists of a cabinet on casters. The boy is placed into the cabinet. He can be plainly seen through the open front of the illusion. The front panel is slid into place. A cloth is used to cover the boy as he's steps into the cabinet.  When the front is removed ... A live rabbit is seen in place of the boy, inside the cage, which is removed and shown to the audience.  The front panel is placed on top the cabinet and cloth.  The cabinet can be shown all around!

The routine supplied describes the vanish of the rabbit and the reappearance of the boy back in the audience! The smart performer will realize the full possibilities for comedy and the entertaining features of this original illusion. The cabinet breaks down and is lightweight in construction.

This comes with an expensive $300 Rabbit Production Cage Box (not the rabbit feed box to produce the rabbit as in the older directions)   Also comes with the cover cloth.

-  NOTE:  Abbott's works with Chadwick on the manufacturing of this        Illusion

CODE:  VF   (comes with complete instructions & routine by Abbott)