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Can O' Corn -  Collectors' Workshop/Viking

Can O' Corn - Collectors' Workshop/Viking

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Can O'Corn is one of Collectors' Workshop's greatest Original contributions to the 'find a borrowed object in a weird place' scenario. Hailed by all who use it as a brilliant bit of comedy business not to mention its GREAT Magic! EFFECT: The performer borrows a wrist watch, ring or other personal item from a semi-reluctant spectator. "Fear not, I will take care of this wonderful piece of jewelry." This is the first in a series of lies that will result in the disappearance of the borrowed object. "I am very sorry for the outcome, but wait. Magic being what it is I have some consolation prizes for you in this sack. Well, a prize anyway. Would you believe that I have something prized by Native Americans and a gift to the word; golden in nature and worth every bit as much as your missing piece of jewelry! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, acan of golden CORN! Please accept this as an exchange for a trick gone awry. ...Oh, I see you are not impressed. Maybe if you taste the sweetness of the golden corn you will change your mind. Here, please open the can. I have even brought along a spoon."

The spectator opens a hermetically sealed can of corn with a can opener and to his amazement and that of the audience, inside the sealed can and amongst the kernels of corn is HIS MISSING WATCH! All ends well and to tumultuous applause.

This is a beautiful effect constructed of the finest materials. The gimmick can be used over and over. All you need supply is a can of corn (or other food stuff, available at any market). Our gimmick is easily adapted to fit most 14/15 oz. cans. The gimmick is invisible and the gaff will NEVER be suspected. The can can be closely examined if nee- be before the effect and the spectator can open the can himself.

You are supplied with a sample can, special gimmick, complete instructions; all ready to perform after a few minutes of practice.

Can be used for:

  • Signed Card in Sealed Can
  • Ring in Seaed Can
  • Watch in Sealed Can
  • Just about what-even in Sealed Can

Don't take our word for it, let the fact that seasoned professionals the world over are using this CW Original with great success.

No Longer Available, supplied with can sample

CONDITION:  Like New with Original Instructions and routine/patter