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Chinese Penetration Frame  -  David Charvet Studios

Chinese Penetration Frame - David Charvet Studios

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Early very well made heavy duty Card Penetration Frame.  1/2" x 8" x 10 1/8", painted red with gold & black Chinese design painted on the front and rear. Two heavy spring clips will hold a card on both sides, after showing the glass to be solid & they can tap on it.  The pencil included, or a thin wand, spike, etc., is pushed right through both cards, and the frame can be shown all around with the pencil sticking right thru the cards and glass.  The pencil and cards are removed and the glass shown to be solid once again.   Note:  This is not a locking frame.

Very, very unique Penetration Frame, I'm sure you won't find to easily!

Comes in the original shipping box with the faded postal sticker


CONDITION:  LN  (Lacks Instructions)

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