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Ching Soo Fire Cracker  -  Rings 'n Things

Ching Soo Fire Cracker - Rings 'n Things

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The Ching Soo Firecracker is a classic effect from years gone by!  It's a comedic routine wherein the magician lights a large firecracker, then quickly places it into a tube for the spectator to hold.  Comedy ensures, then the spectator is finally coaxed into uncapping the tube and removing the firecracker.  When he uncaps the tube, inside he finds only a red silk...the firecracker has vanished! The magician and spectator proceed to frantically search for the firecracker and eventually find it dangling from the spectator's back!

Comes with all you see!   A package of extra fuses, red silk and the firecracker set in the original storage bag

NOTE:  This comes with P&L Instructions

CONDITION:  VF  (A magnet was glued inside the cap, for reasons unknown