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Coin in The Glass, Tray Method  -  Mfg. Unknown

Coin in The Glass, Tray Method - Mfg. Unknown

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Very similar to the Jack Hughes tray, but this one only drops 1 quarter or half dollar into the shot glass.   A quarter or half dollar is vanished (we include a "Raven" but you'll need a shim coin) to vanish, or you can use your own method.

 The Shot glass is shown and placed on the tray, which holds the glass securely.  The larger glass covers the shot glass.  A foulard (included) covers the tray and a sound is heard of a coin dropping into a glass.  When the foulard is removed, a coin is seen in the shot glass.  The large glass is removed and the coin is dumped out of the shot glass.

The Jack Hughes model produced 4 coins with the exact same method, and vanished the coins using a coin stand.   This one only comes with the stand, foulard, Raven and a small sheet of instructions.    This is more of a collectible piece for your cabinet.

Don't believe this was made by Jack Hughes, but it surely was manufactured professionally, by Hughes or Abbott's perhaps??   It is not homemade for sure!