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Color Changing Boxes  -  Wayne "Sandy" Sanderson
Color Changing Boxes  -  Wayne "Sandy" Sanderson

Color Changing Boxes - Wayne "Sandy" Sanderson

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These promo board boxes, one square and the other a triangle, have a hole in them.  They are mechanical and work by tossing them in the air to change color, and THE COLOR CHANGES ON EVERY SIDE, so they can be shown all around.

The square is approx. 3 1/8" sq.  It has mechanical flaps that open up to reveal dark blue centers with a black border.  A red silk is placed inside the hole and the box is tossed in the air and the box changes to all RED..& now the silk in the hole has changed to BLUE...Automatically!  It's really cool!

The triangle is approx. 4" cross & high.  It also has mechanical flaps and starts out with the flaps at dark blue.  The red silk is tucked inside and you're ready to go.  Toss it in the air and it changes to all RED and the silk in the hole has now changes to BLUE....Automatically!

This promo set is finished in Magic Marker paint, so the paint job can be improved if you want to take the time to paint it.  Remember, this is a promo and I might add....The only one ever made!   Accent Magic was going to market this item but felt it was too much work to make.  So there you have it!

It comes with a red & Blue silk but LACKS AND INSTRUCTIONS.  The video included here shows you the performance.  Play with it and you'll see how the flaps change it to all blue.  You must hold on to it however because it changes to red and has no locking mechanism.  Perhaps you'll put a rubber band around it until it's time to perform it, so remove the rubber band as you take it out of your table to do it.