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Confusing Crayons Trick by Tom Yurasits

Confusing Crayons Trick by Tom Yurasits

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It's Topsy-Turvy Bottles meets a super jumbo pair of crayons! That's what you get when you're performing Confusing Crayons. This special transposition effect combines a You Do As I Do plot with upside-down/right-side-up hilarity and befuddlement. The result? A lot of fun for everyone.

Your child volunteer follows your every move as you both invert the crayons within the tubes together, yet his crayon is always upside-down while the yours is right-side up. A special option, not possible with the Topsy Turvy Bottles, is that you can swap crayons with him and the upside-down magic happens anyway. Yes, it works with either color! This gives the trick a whole new dimension.

The 11" long, Super Jumbo Crayons can be seen from the biggest stage, yet are a great fit for your birthday party show. They are handmade in the USA by the inventor, Tom Yurasits, who performs the trick in every show he does. With every order, Danny Orleans of AmazeKids will send you, free, a routine for Confusing Crayons from his upcoming expanded version of his book Kid Show Masterplan. This routine, written by Michael Brandwein, uses the trick to communicate how people can still be friends even though they are different. It's a fantastic routine for anti-bullying and character building shows.

Turn your show upside down and get Confusing Crayons. Your audience will "flip" when they see it!


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