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Cups and Balls Tutor  -  Fun Time Magic

Cups and Balls Tutor - Fun Time Magic

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Comes with a neatly printed booklet (4″ x 5.5″,  24 pages, illustrated) covers all the basic moves for the classic Cups & Balls effect, like the Vanish, False Loading, Real Loading, Secret Loading, and Loading Fruit, etc.
In addition, the complete routines detailed include an easy No-Sleight Routine and a more Advanced Routine in six phases, with a climax load.
Includes references for additional literature on the subject.  A very affordable and convenient source of information for this classic effect.

This tutor accompanies all the professional sets of Cups & Balls sets.  This is their quality chromed plastic set with painted interiors and comes with 4 red knit balls.  A nice set for the younger magician or someone who doesn't want to mess up their good set and use this set for practice!