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Cutting A Cigarette In Half

Cutting A Cigarette In Half

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Heavy duty quality made brass Cutting A Cigarette in Half.  (it's Brema type quality) The cigarette or small pencil is put into the tube, just big enough to hold them.  The cap is put on, trapping it inside.  A razor blade (none supplied for safety) is run thru the slot in the center, cutting the item in half.  The razor blade removed, cap removed the the cigarette or pencil is dumped out unharmed.

NOTE:  THIS LACKS INSTRUCTIONS  (I will open the gimmick and ship it that way.  You'll see how it works.  This locks in place when closed and can be handed out.

CONDITION:  VF   (the Patina is left on this brass item.  You can polish it to LN if you wish, or leave the Patina that makes it look the part....It's old and vintage!