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Dark Card  -  Jean Boucher/Camirand Academy

Dark Card - Jean Boucher/Camirand Academy

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This one is dynamite, and a real fooler!

* A card is chosen from a red-backed deck and signed across the face, then returned to the pack.
* The magician snaps his fingers over the deck, whereupon it is spread, showing one blue-backed card clearly visible in the centre!
* That card is removed and turned face-up, showing it to be the signed selection!
* Remember, the card is handled by the spectator both before and after the change, and can even be left as a souvenir!

Take note that you can execute your favorite signed card routine before revealing that the signed selection back has changed color.

Use your own deck plus our “special something”.

Comes with booklet by Gary Ouellet, and more ideas from Bob Farmer and Phil Matlin.

No Longer Available

CONDITION:  Like New w/Booklet