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Dr. Bill's Impossible Stop Trick  -  Collectors' Workshop

Dr. Bill's Impossible Stop Trick - Collectors' Workshop

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The early original deck with original instructions from the Washington, DC address.     https://youtu.be/_Jb-0Y6cHvs

Performer hands spectator a sealed envelope and requests that the spectator put it in his pocket.

Next, performer hands the spectator a deck of cards with his request that the spectator examine it then shuffle the deck. This is done.

The deck is then returned to the performer who shuffles it and begins dealing the cards down one at a time on the table.

Spectator is asked to say stop at any time. He does so, and the card is turned over to reveal its face.

Spectator then opens the sealed envelope he has been holding.

It matches the selected card.   (NOTE)  You will receive Blue Deck.


CONDITION:  Like New w/Orig. Instr.