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E-Case (Red)  - Mark Mason

E-Case (Red) - Mark Mason

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Silent but Deadly.  Watch Video Above to see how it's performed.  Put the electronic silent gimmick inside the empty red Bicycle box (a BN full deck of red Bicycle cards is included) and you're ready to go!

The hit of the MAGIC LIVE dealers room

This electronic hand built unit, allows you to create the perfect signed card, to card case.

The E CASE utilizes a brand new method, that's hip cool and up to date.

You will love the creative method, the ease, yet quite ingenious device that you simply slide inside any regular card case. The E Case gives you all the tools required to perform this classic of magic.

NOTE:  LACKS INSTRUCTIONS DVD   (watch the video and you'll see how it looks during performance.  You'll have to force or use a forcing deck, fold the card and pretend to vanish it under a Devil's Hank or your own method, & be able to palm the folded card in your curved fingers & that's it)