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Fickle Fire  -  Imported

Fickle Fire - Imported

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These are a light painted a WHITE COLOR, to use with your white gloves!

One for the left hand and one for the right hand.  Put lighter fluid inside each, on the cotton  (not supplied) and put your finger thru the finger clip and when you flip over the hinged cover and turn the flint wheel with your thumb, fire is seen filling your palm.  Do a passé passé bit by flipping the lid shut and fire goes out and the other hand erupts with fire.  Great for your fire routines using flash paper  (not supplied).   They come in original box.


CONDITION:  Very Fine  (these were tested by mfg, but never used)  (These Lack Instructions, put lighter fluid in, clip inside your hand, open cover and strike the flint wheel...ta da)