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Flame Clock (Zig-Zag Candle)  -  Tora

Flame Clock (Zig-Zag Candle) - Tora

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No Longer Available from Tora! 


Very well made with heavy metal blades w/wooden handles. 

The magician puts an ordinary candle in a beautifully decorated box , which has three doors on the front and one door behind.

At this moment , the magician closes the front and back doors, and then passes swords from the two sides . The blades can be seen clearly.

After that , he opens all doors of the box , and the spectators are astounded when they see that the candle has been divided into three parts. Even the middle part of the candle has been vanished.

Again, the magician closes the doors and pulls out the swords from the box. Then he opens the doors , and every one sees that the candle has been returned to its original place with the previous shape. He takes the candle and shows it to the audience that it is the same candle the magician has put in it!

CONDITION:  LN  (looks unused and comes with Original Instructions)