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Forgetful Yogi Bear  -  Hamilton/Scarce   I
Forgetful Yogi Bear  -  Hamilton/Scarce   I

Forgetful Yogi Bear - Hamilton/Scarce I

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Forgetful Yogi Bear was devised by Ronald Haines and Alan Milan and built by Warren Hamilton c. 1962.

The performer shows a cut-out figure of a small boy. He tells a tale of Forgetful Fred, the boy who is so forgetful he sometimes loses his head. The head is lifted off and wrapped in a handkerchief. A member of the audience holds it. The performer explains how embarrassing it was for the boy to walk around with no head.

Finally his mother had a brilliant idea. She blew up a balloon and tied it on his shoulders in place of his misplaced head. The only trouble was that his friends started to call him Balloon Head. This is more than any small boy should be made to stand so the magician says that he will solve the problem. He takes hold of a corner of the cloth that covers the head and whisks it out of the spectator’s grasp. Instantly the balloon breaks and the head is back on Forgetful Fred’s shoulders and a selected card or a bill or business card appears in his hand at the same time!

VERY SCARCE & hard to find....ca1960

This comes with original instructions as put out by Haines House of Magic.  This also comes with a Devil's hanky to vanish the head when you remove it form his shoulders, some balloons to get you started & of course the removable head.  The base is removable and this stores flat.

CONDITION:  VF  (some small areas of paint loss, especially in the green grass he's standing in and one small spot towards the top of his legs)