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Frustrated Freddie  -  Dock Haley

Frustrated Freddie - Dock Haley

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Approx. 4 1/2" x 7" Jumbo nicely printed cards, original instructions and in the original envelope.

Looking for A Good Story on “Just Say NO” To Drugs? THIS IS IT !!!
Four cards are shown ~ 3 with pictures of Drugs, Alcohol, Marijuana, etc., and one of a frustrated young man being challenged to “Try It”. Weve named him Frustrated Freddie, as this is what happens to so many of our young people when first approached on this subject. The performer goes through the routine of the drug problem and counts the cards one at a time. The Frustrated Freddie card is reversed in the packet as he comes face to face with the temptation of drugs. But Freddie chooses to say “NO” to these temptations. When the cards are counted out again, they are all “Drug, Alcohol, Marijuana” cards and Freddie is nowhere around. When Freddie does appear again, he has a big smile on his face saying “Just Say NO”.

CONDITION:  BN props and instr.  (Envelope has some aging)