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Giant Metallic Bouquet    Niishiro/Tricks Co. Japan

Giant Metallic Bouquet Niishiro/Tricks Co. Japan

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Large Multi-Colored Metallic material bouquet that when open is about 15" in diameter.  This folds up into a small bundle and is spring loaded on each flower to open fully and quickly.    It comes with original 2 pages of instructions with lots of illustrations to steal from a table, sleeves, pant belt, coat and where ever you want to load it into.   The illustrations show you how in detail.

The picture doesn’t do justice to its beauty. Colorful, resistant and made with a special material that makes it very shiny and nice to see. It is easy to use; you can produce it from bare hands, from production boxes, etc. When it is closed it only takes a small space.  Includes 10 Assorted color large spring flowers.