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Harry Leat Catalogs  -  London

Harry Leat Catalogs - London

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The House of Leats is an advertising catalog, describing products and services and catalogs they issue  FN

List of Magical Accessories & Tricks, lots of pages (no numbers) filled with early quaint illustrations and lots of items they sold  G  (cover is in bad shape & detached from the pages.  The pages are fully intact)

General Catalogue, Much thicker (no numbers on pages), filled with great early magic manufactured and sold by them at that time.  Lots of great stuff and wonderful reading in the bathroom!   G  (cover is a total mess, all torn and tattered.  The last owner put heavy thread thru the cover & pages to hold it together as the staples are missing.  This also has water stains on the back bottom area of some of the pages.  Still a great reference and browsing thru and wishing they still had the items in this catalogue.)