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Imagino  -  Harbin/Abbott Mfg. Co.

Imagino - Harbin/Abbott Mfg. Co.

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The performer displays a wooden tray upon which are two square wooden tubes. These tubes are both shown empty and replaced upon the tray. To the accompaniment of some inconsequential patter, the wizard proceeds to produce a handkerchief from one of the tubes. He then deposits the handkerchief in the other tube. This is repeated six times. Finally, the performer indicates that magic is all a matter of imagination and to prove this he calmly shows that the first tube never contained any handkerchief and there was certainly none put into the second ... the tubes are empty! No trace of any handkerchief is left at all. The effect is entirely self-contained and can be performed under any conditions ... even entirely surrounded. No skill or sleight of hand is needed. The apparatus is beautifully made and finished. The tubes fold flat.


CONDITION:  VF  (Lacks Instructions)