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Jaysee Silk Color Change Supreme  -  Jack Chanin

Jaysee Silk Color Change Supreme - Jack Chanin

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Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 10 pages, 1936

"A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR  - To all his friends in Magic 

The generous response of the magic fraternity to my first efforts and contributions to magic literature,"Hello Sucker!" or "The Three Shell Game," has prompted this work my second dealing with another subject entitled "The Jaysee Color Changing Silk Routine." 

In offering you this little routine I should like to state that I do not claim any· originality tor the actual effect, as that is perhaps as old as time immemorial, but I do claim that the routine here given is my own to the best of my knowledge and was first presented by myself in this form back in 1934.

This effect and routine differs in that you may show both hands empty and devoid of all apparatus, at the Start and Finish of the effect.

 When in possession of the secrets and the moves described in this book, many other combinations are possible and should suggest themselves to the performer after reading the directions.

The author believes, along with several other well known professional magicians, that it is one of the cleanest cut color changing routine to be obtained, and in closing wishes to thank Mr. William H.Hanna for the valuable assistance given, with several of the moves and the fine illustrations in this book." 

JACK CHANIN, Philadelphia, PA, May 15th, 1936


CONDITION:  Very Fine  (best copy we've ever seen)