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Jumbo Bicycle Deck Vanish

Jumbo Bicycle Deck Vanish

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Quality natural wooden frame with open top and front.  The jumbo Bicycle deck is very unique as you can pull out some cards from the deck and return them.  They can clearly see a full deck in the box.  Close the flap and put the entire box with deck into the frame, turn it around and it's completely gone!   You can put your hand thru the top into the box, they can see into the empty box as you wave your fingers.

NOTE:  This lacks instructions


Condition Abbreviations

BN - Brand New in Packaging    LN - Like New (no packaging)
VF - Very Fine (slight use or blemish)    FN - (some use/wear)
VG - Very Good (shows wear/use)    G - (lots of use/wear)