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Jumbo Card Go

Jumbo Card Go

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Similar to the Joe Berg early Model.  This is for jumbo cards (we'll include a jumbo deck to help you out).   All wooden, with inlaid strips, this is pretty attractive & well made.   Looks like something Mikame at first glance, but not Mikame quality.

A jumbo card is chosen and placed into a beautiful wooden frame and covered with a scarf. The covered frame is placed on a table and the spectator whisks away the cloth to show that the jumbo card has vanished! This effect is very well put together and is easy to perform. It also breaks down for easy storage and transportation.

Open Dimensions Approximately (L x W x H): 9" x 6" x 8" (23cm x 15cm x 20cm)


CONDITION:  LN  (comes with a cover cloth but Lacks Instructions)  Play with it, you'll figure it out, it's ingenious!

Condition Abbreviations

BN - Brand New in Packaging    LN - Like New (no packaging)
VF - Very Fine (slight use or blemish)    FN - (some use/wear)
VG - Very Good (shows wear/use)    G - (lots of use/wear)