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Jumbo Square Circle  -  Early MAK
Jumbo Square Circle  -  Early MAK

Jumbo Square Circle - Early MAK

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Try and find one of these today, especially in the near perfect condition this one is in.  It doesn't look like it was ever performed with.  Think it was bought and just put into the den to make it look magical.

This is a very large and wonderful Square Circle that does break down and when performed, can produce hundreds of silks, a dog, rabbits, cat, dozens of balls or whatever your heart desires.

It stands 38" high & the outside red box is 16" high x 14" square.  The inner yellow box is 17" high x 12" square.  The load chamber is black flocked and is almost as big as the inner yellow box, so it will hold a significant size load.  You have to see it to realize how large the load chamber is.   The fancy spindle wooden legs unscrews from the base for packing.