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Koornwinder Kar  -  Original Dick Koornwinder Numbered

Koornwinder Kar - Original Dick Koornwinder Numbered

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This is an original wooden Koornwinder Kar; a fantastic magic effect created and custom made by the Dutch magician Dick Koornwinder. These wooden Koornwinder originals can be quite difficult to get hold of. This effect, which in summary, involves the little red wooden car finding a chosen card; is considered by many professional magicians as classic piece of magic. Juan Tamariz helped popularise the effect when he referenced it in his book Sonata, as one of his favourite tricks to perform. Over the years some have tried to recreate the effect, but the quality of the original is unsurpassed.

Included in the sale is:


- An original red wooden Koornwinder Kar - custom made 


- A blue velvet drawstring bag to keep the car in


- Detailed instructions book written by Ken Brooke.  This is signed by "Dick Koornwinder and numbered 2378


In addition, it comes with the Koornwinder Card Control Gimmick , which is great for controlling a card in a deck of cards and can be used when performing the Koornwinder Kar trick.



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