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Magic With An Upward Look  -  Rev. Jim Dracup

Magic With An Upward Look - Rev. Jim Dracup

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Spiral Bound with plastic cover over cover
162 Pages w/many illustrations

Routines with standard props sold by many magic shops and magic mfg.

im Dracup is the author of a long out of print book, A Magician Goes To Church. That book has become one of the most requested and sought after works in the field of gospel magic. Since the publication of that first book, Jim has been gathering material and perfecting and polishing the routines that he uses on a day to day basis. That material has been published in the form of Magic With An Upward Look. This is the first ebook in a trilogy of gospel magic ebooks by Reverend Dracup.

Magic With An Upward Look contains only the best and the brightest material. There is, for instance, a chapter on the History of Magic and another on The Story of Silk. The author has also included an invaluable chapter on mixing music with magic ... an area frequently left unexplored. And there is a chapter on the "Ps" of magic: Presentation, Performance, Personality, Preparation, Patter, Promotion and Publicity. Perhaps its possible you'll find these chapters perceptive and penetrating.

  • Preface to First Edition
  • Preface to Revised Edition
  • Foreward - George Hample
  • Foreward - Brooks Grantier
  • Chapter I - History of Magic
  • Chapter II - Story of Silk
  • Chapter III - Panorama of Prestidigitation
  • Chapter IV - Magical Music
  • Chapter V - Magic For The Apprentice
  • Chapter VI - Enchantment For Children
  • Chapter VII - Advanced Magic
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • Themes
  • Index

1st edition 1985
word count: 46192 which is equivalent to 184 standard pages of text



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