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Majoke, The Mysterious Magician

Majoke, The Mysterious Magician

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A Parody "Magic Magazine" from 1998.  94 pages, tons of fun reading and laughs.  Looks exactly like the now defunct "Magic Magazine"

The Incoherent Magazine For Magicians. Yes! What you heard is true! This parody of the popular Magic Magazine is probably the most hilarious, controversial, offensive and down right funny thing to come out in the magic world... ever! Similar to the "Weenie" parody of Genii Magazine a few years back, but nowhere near as reserved. Some are taking this seriously, but the "Evil 5" assure us that it is all in fun. This magazine is definitely NOT intended for ALL ages! However, anyone who has been involved in the magic world for any amount of time will get more than a chuckle out of this!    Only a limited number were available in 1998



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