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Mandarin Plus!  -  MAK

Mandarin Plus! - MAK

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ca1970's coloful and impressive cabinet with removable base.  Overall 17" h x 10 1/4" w x 10 1/4" l

Front door is opened to show the inside empty.  Door is closed and reach in top and produce a large amount of silks, glasses of liquid, etc.   Then open front and rear doors and show completely thru the cabinet, it's empty.   Close the doors and reach in the top to produce a rabbit, doves etc.  This is a double load piece of apparatus.

VINTAGE....Comes with Original Instructions

CONDITION:  VF   (it has a 2" scratch on the bottom of the base edge, but has some touch up paint.  Some small wear spots on the edges, but overall VF)

Condition Abbreviations

BN - Brand New in Packaging    LN - Like New (no packaging)
VF - Very Fine (slight use or blemish)    FN - (some use/wear)
VG - Very Good (shows wear/use)    G - (lots of use/wear)