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Mental Prediction Panel

Mental Prediction Panel

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This is the original, not the India copy that is made of wood.   This one is made of heavy Plexiglas with a thick removable bottom and the panel slides out of the frame.  Beautifully made and a knock-out effect!   (can't remember the name?)

I will send instructions for the Plexi Panel Production from India, which works the same.

Four separate predictions are made using any four spectators.  They are asked to select a card, a number, a color and a name.  They write them on a small piece of paper and the paper is clipped to a clear sheet of plastic and placed in a frame whicdh is numbered from one to four.  You are able to call out each of the answers and show the audience the answers, removing them from the panel.

CONDITION:  VF  (some light damage is noted inside the slot, but not seen and doesn't take away from this piece at all)