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Miracle Match  -  Accent Products

Miracle Match - Accent Products

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ca1976 with original instructions.  ESP cards in vinyl sleeves.  On the back of each sleeve is a printed yellow ESP symbol.  The front of the sleeve has a transparent window.   You remove the five cards, allowing everyone to see the sleeves are empty.  The five cards are turned face down, mixed and spread before a volunteer.  The sleeves are spread out with the printed symbols showing.

The volunteer is asked which card matches the sleeve.  You slip the card into each sleeve as they are selected, until all five cards are in the sleeves.  When turned over, all the cards match the exact sleeve symbol.  Incredible!  This is ingenious!


CONDITION:  LN  w/original instructions

Condition Abbreviations

BN - Brand New in Packaging    LN - Like New (no packaging)
VF - Very Fine (slight use or blemish)    FN - (some use/wear)
VG - Very Good (shows wear/use)    G - (lots of use/wear)