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Morison Pill Box & Harry Riser Ball, Cone & Box Set
Morison Pill Box & Harry Riser Ball, Cone & Box Set

Morison Pill Box & Harry Riser Ball, Cone & Box Set

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George Richbark Morison Pill Box in Hard Maple.  6" high with 1 3/4" ball and has the brass band around the base (needs little polish).   Mechanical Ball Vase that allows you to produce a full ball, after the ball is removed and vanished.   Also, if you put in a white ball, it will change to a red ball.

Also comes with the special leather cone and four 1 3/4" Billiard Balls (in cloth drawstring bag) and Harry Riser Ball, Cone & Box routine that you can use with this Pill Box.  Changing the white ball to the red ball at the finale!   NOTE:  This full routine can be found in the Harry Riser Book:   The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser 1996

The Pill Box comes in a deluxe wooden case with glass sliding front and also a copy of the Richbark instructions for the Morison Pill Box c1997



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