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Nest of Brass Boxes w/Holder  -  Viking

Nest of Brass Boxes w/Holder - Viking

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This beautiful set of finely machined brass boxes will add mystery and beauty to your close-up performance.  Comes with holder for your pocket.  Drop coin inside bottom stack in your pocket, slide the lids on and pull out the box and give it to someone to hold. 

Effect: The performer borrows a quarter and has it marked for identification, then vanished using your own method, or sew a coin in the corner of a hanky  (this does not come with it).

The performer now introduces a small brass box which he places on the spectator’s extended palm. The hank is whipped from his grasp and the coin has vanished!

Attention is now drawn to the box held by the spectator. He is asked to open this and finds, yet another box inside. This is opened to find yet another, and this in turn opened revealing another small brass box. Upon opening this box the spectator discovers his marked coin!


CONDITION:  Like New  (Lacks Instructions)