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Paul Fox Beer Trick Plus  -  Danny Dew

Paul Fox Beer Trick Plus - Danny Dew

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This early ca1965 Danny Dew effect includes (which Danny sent the original owner)  a Ginger Ale and a V8 can, the gimmick with 5 special waterproof sleeves for the gimmick top.  Believe this gimmick will fit a can of Beer, hence the name?  None included!

This also includes the apparatus & beans for  "The Stupid Bean Trick"  see YouTube video here:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlH6vF8UJdQ 

EFFECT:  Confetti scooped into an empty can,  transforms into liquid.

You'll need a Pilsner Glass & Paper Bags

This also includes original Paul Fox Beer Trick instructions from Danny Dew and a personal typed letter about the apparatus, to the original owner from Danny Dew, signed:  "Danny"

A great and fun trick to do.  Love the Stupid Bean Trick, it works so well with the apparatus supplied.



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